You Never Know What You've Got Till It's Gone - Read Aloud Thursday

Last Saturday, just my daughter and I went to the library.  I asked her to pick out some picture books she thought her six year old brother would enjoy.   She chose one book, in particular, that he ADORES!   I may just have to buy this book.  Each morning my son requires I sit next to him on the sofa and he reads me this book... it's my favorite time of the day!  

Badger's Fancy Meal, written by Keiko Kasza,  is a book with the motto:  "You never know what you've got till it's gone.".    My son appreciates the silliness of the story -- from  mole tacos to a rabbit banana split covered with hot fudge!  

Badger is complaining about his meager provisions for a meal which he has in his own den.  He dreams of having a "fancy meal".  As he chases each animal away (he can't quite catch them to make a fancy meal out of them) they scurry into his den.   

He finally misses three meals in search of the perfect one, and runs into a horse.   He proclaims "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!"... to which the horse replies, "Stop BADGERING me!", and kicks him back into his den, where the  badger is glad to be back at home where at least there is some food for a meal.

Alas, however, the animals he has chased into his den have eaten everything.   The animals are gone, but they have left him a note, the end of which says.... "Thanks for the fancy meal!".

Such a clever book with a wonderful message.  We highly recommend it! 

We've also started reading The Wheel on the School this week.   I've heard so much about this book, and it is not disappointing us.   I'll have much more to tell you about this book in the coming weeks - we are making a unit study out of this one and savoring our reading time! I've started a  Pinterest board as a place to bookmark the activities I want to use with the children as we read.  

What are you reading aloud this week?  

I'm happily joining with Amy at Hope is the Word for Read Aloud Thursday!