Weekly Wrap-Up #11 - The Week in Pictures

We weren't home much this week.  I knew at the outset it was going to be that way.  It was a week of field trips and living life.   We did get a little bookwork fit in here and there, but that's not blog worthy, is it? 

It was a busy week... one best wrapped-up through pictures!  

A visit to the natural history museum was much fun!

Doing some observation in the Nature Quest area:

Experimenting with bubbles in the discovery area:

A view of Charles Darwin's office in the Darwin exhibit ... much to consider here and we had some very good discussions about our faith and the topic of evolution.  I'm not going to go into all of it here - but let's say it's always good to show our children differing views and then talk about them through the lens of our FAITH.

Lots of good touch screen activities in the Darwin exhibit:

We enjoyed the day with one of our home schooled friends from church!

In an area called "Fernbank Forest" we learned all about birds native to Georgia.  Look at this cool feathers exhibit... just what we're learning about in science now!

We got to see some chickens...

and take a nature walk.

Look at these smiles.   This is what homeschooling is all about - taking TIME to appreciate the world (and wonderful people) around us!

We took another field trip to see a play - it was wonderful!  

You have to love duct tape spirit day at co-op!   Miss B was the coordinator for our family and lovingly put together lots of things for her brother!

 Spelling Bee practice was fun, too... Miss B was a bit reluctant to go, but once there she had a great time.  We are studying for our spelling bee in December!

There was a lot of living done this week!

How was your week?