Taking a Much Needed Break

It's Fall Break this week in our homeschool.

I'm going to give you a few clues about what that break will look like:

Oh, and did I mention there are just two people taking this fall break??

The other two members of my family will be spending time with some wonderful (and incredibly generous) friends.   Miss B and GMan have already informed us they won't miss us... I hope they will - a little!  I'm going to feel a little lost without them.  

My husband has business in NYC this week - we will be able to fit in some time together... and the rest of the time I will relax, do some shopping, spend time in my favorite museum, and meet friends you might know, too!  I am looking forward to seeing The World Trade Center Monument and seeing what all the craziness is on Wall Street, too.    

  I'll think about math, the Middle Ages, birds, and Latin (plus a million other things) NEXT week!