Say Anything!

Say Anything Family! is another game brought to you by NorthStar Games.  Remember my review of Wits & Wagers Family earlier this week?    Well, Say Anything Family ! is a game that is equally as fun and one my children have begged to play over and over again.

 The premise of this game is to hear the funny things your family will say... it's all based on what they think YOU will say about a particular subject.   

The game comes with a scoreboard, a set of question cards, six dry erase boards, six dry erase markers, a spinner for the judge to use, and small discs used in voting for the best answer. It is recommended for ages 8 and up.

To start, everyone has a dry erase board and marker.  One person is the "judge" (this changes each turn - so no worries - everyone gets to play) and asks the question.  They can choose one of three questions from the card they draw from the top of the deck.  It might be something like:   "What is my favorite dessert?".... to which the other players have to write on their boards what they think the JUDGE would answer.   

In my house, my husband asked "What is my favorite dessert?".   I, of course, know this answer is "Key Lime Pie", so I write that down and turn my board FACE DOWN on the table.  My daughter writes "Creme Brulee" and turns her board face down.  My son (just six) writes "Chocolate Ice Cream with Marshamallows in it" and turns his board face down. 

Once all answers are written and turned face down, they are all turned upright and the judge selects the answers he/she likes best by setting the spinner to the color of that player's dry erase board (this is done secretly!).   All other players then "vote" for the answer they think will win - by placing their two colored discs on their favorite.  In our case, my answer (Key Lime Pie) won, so my husband pointed the spinner to the pink board.  If you put your disc on pink you got a point, the judge got points for how many discs were on the answer he chose, and the person with the correct answer gets points, too.

Here are  some funny answers we got while playing the game:  

When my daughter said "What's my least favorite thing to do?" -- this is what I wrote: (I think I got the most points this round, too!) 

Or, when my husband asked "If I had $100,000 what would I do with it?", this is what my son wrote:  (keep in mind he was learning to play -- I think HE would buy the Legos, not his dad!)


It's really VERY EASY to play, and, as NorthStar Games promises, it does take about 2 minutes to teach this game.

What We Liked:

  • We liked the way it brought the players TOGETHER, and required that you really thought about what SOMEONE ELSE would like/prefer, etc...    This isn't always easy for the younger players to do (for the first few rounds my youngest was always writing what HE would like), but after practice they get the hang of it.

  • The game just LOOKS appealing, and the packaging is sleek and fun.   Instructions are easy to read and simple.  I would call it very USER-FRIENDLY!  

  • The game always was FUN; we learned something about each other every time!!

  • The game is QUICK... if you just want to take 30 minutes before bed to play, you can.   

  • It is easy to learn.  I watched my 10 year old teach a group of neighbor children how to play in a matter of minutes.

What You Need to Know:

Say Anything! Family is put out by NorthStar Games.  If you go to their website, you can find out where to buy the game.   Retailers such as Target and Barnes and Noble carry it in our area.   Prices range anywhere from just over $13 on Amazon to $19.99.   

I've enjoyed reviewing this game!  If you'd like to read my crew mates' reviews, please visit the crew blog!   

*Disclaimer: I received the above named product from TOS Crew in return for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any other form.