Happy iPhone Day!

The text I received at 6:32 this morning from my husband:

"Happy iPhone Day!"

I think my husband is excited about the release of the new iPhone today.   The text didn't say, "I love you.  Have a wonderful day!"  or "You are amazing and I'm so glad I married you!".   Nope.  Just "Happy iPhone Day!".  I replied to him  he'd better remember to text me on my birthday, or we're in big trouble!   

I know for enthusiasts of all things Mac this is a big day.  For my husband it is the day he gets to see his new phone.  It is rumored to be a little more slim, have a better camera, and use the cool new iCloud technology.

The poor man has been suffering with an iPhone 3 (while his wife has an iPhone 4) and just can't wait to move up in the world.  He reserved a phone over the weekend.  He's really deprived, huh?   

This is the same man that reserved an iPad the day they came out and actually wanted to STAY HOME from work to be here when the UPS truck came.   I think we have a problem.

I really do love my phone, but I would love a new phone with a better camera.  I took these with my phone last week... not bad.

I am reminding myself, however, to be very content with what I have, and maybe my husband will let me borrow his cool new phone!

Do you have an iPhone?  What's your favorite thing about it?   Or, are you anti iPhone?  Either way - I want to hear from you!