Teach Your Children About Veteran's Day



It is important to me that my children honor Veterans on Veteran's Day.   Each of their grandfathers was in the service.  My brother is a Navy Chaplain, who has served two tours in Iraq - in a mortuary unit.   

In the book my brother wrote, I cried as I read stories of soldiers lost.  I cried for their families - for their children.  I cried for my brother, because although he was their chaplain, this HAD to impact him in a profound way.  

How can I convey to my children (without scaring them?) the very real sacrifices so many Americans have made to secure our freedom?

I am THANKFUL for Veterans today.   I want my children to be thankful, as well. They will each write a letter to a veteran, thanking them for their service to our nation.   If we see a military member we will thank them in person.   We will support our service people no matter what our political feelings may be.   It's very simple.  

We watched this beautiful documentary by National Geographic.  I've embedded this video - it's the ENTIRE movie... one hour of the history of Arlington National Cemetery - it is called Arlington: Field of Honor.  

You will be moved and you will be thankful.