Science Sunday - On Overload!

Where do I start with all of the science we learned over the past week on our trip to San Francisco?  Looking back, I realize what a rich experience this was for ALL of us, and just how much science we packed into a short five days.     

At Alcatraz Island we learned  about birds native to the California coast, as well as the trees found in the region.   

We also visited the California Academy of Sciences, and saw their planetarium, penguins, aquarium, and even tried our hands at becoming Ichthyologists!   (that would be a scientist who studies fish)   

Another fun place we visited was the Aquarium of the Bay, where the kids loved their touchpools and walking "under the bay".

Finally, we visited Muir Woods and learned all about the famous Redwoods.  

Here's some highlights from these science activities of the past week!

Alcatraz Island:  Here we learned about Seagulls, Cormorants, and Eucalyptus Trees... in addition to lots of other things!  The kids loved watching the Cormorants diving into the water and then reappearing close by in the water sometimes a minute or more later.  What amazing little birds.

Check this out:   a Bat Star that has trapped a fish and will soon begin digesting it.  Eeew. 

One of the many touch pools we visited -- there were lots of rays and starfish in this one.

Peering into the reef pool at the California Academy of the Sciences... loved this! 

Learning all about Ichthyology -- how scientists preserve fish and where they are stored and what they are used for.  The docent let the children handle the fish just as if they were real scientists.   This was one of the best things on our trip!

This photo says it all -- my three favorite people looking in wonder at all of the fish that you would find in San Francisco Bay.  

The amazing Redwood Forest - trees that are as high as 22 stories tall.    Pictures just can't do it justice.

The banana slug - common in the Redwoods - it is said that if you kiss one you will have good luck.  We blew this one a kiss - figured that was sufficient!

That's it for Science Sunday... lots of hands-on, memorable learning took place last week.  

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