My Blogging Time ~ And Some Resources for You!

Life has gotten very busy the past several months.   I don't mind - that's the stage of life I'm at and I feel blessed to be busy.  My mother told me a few years ago, "Mary, it's GOOD to have a sense of purpose".   Those words have stuck with me.  Believe me, I have purpose!  (can you hear me laughing?)

I feel as if I haven't posted as much of the "nitty gritty" homeschool stuff that I have in the past because I've been reviewing products.  I'm trying to strike a balance between the two, so please be patient with me.  I know I haven't kept up with Twitter and commenting on blogs.   I think this has been God's way of steering me away from too much social media.  I spent WAY too much time in the alternate universe of Twitter and Facebook and I'm happy to say I'm not there much anymore. 

I have not monetized my blog and I don't do ads or sponsors. I also don't conduct giveaways on my blog for legal reasons.  (I've been amazed by the companies that say it's perfectly fine to not do a giveaway on my site... I always thought it was kind of something you just had to do, but guess what?  It's my blog, and I run it my way!)  It's just something that I can't keep up with and can't see the benefit for my family right now.  I am in awe of the bloggers that can manage their home life and their blogs -- I'm not so good at it, so I have to keep it simple, especially since I am a part of Three Thinking Mothers, too! 

My first obligation is to my God and family, not my blog.  I do, however, enjoy blogging and it has some distinct benefits for myself and my family.  Here's a little breakdown of how I spend my online time.         

If you're not aware, I am a part of the TOS Review Crew for the 2011-2012 year.  If you aren't familiar with the crew and what we do, you should be!   We help The Old Schoolhouse Magazine review products... there is a huge crew of homeschool bloggers who receive products and offer our honest opinion of these products.  Sometimes they are WONDERFUL, other times they are average.  I always try to give my honest opinion.   I hope you've read some of my reviews

Last year I remember reading a review post about something called Talking Fingers: Read, Write and Type.  Wow.   It looked great and upon ordering it for my son he LOVED it.    From then on I kept my eyes on the crew blog, and when they were accepting applications for reviewers you can bet I applied.

In the beginning I thought it would just be excellent to get some free products.  Little did I know the service the crew offers to other homeschool families, or the friendships I would make on the crew.  I am blessed to be involved in such a wonderful program.  

Recently, I've also become a Tommy Mommy - reviewing just one or two products for Tommy Nelson each month.  The Tommy Moms are a great resource for you, too.  So far I've completed one review (for a product which I thoroughly recommend.)  

As you shop for Christmas, or consider curriculum needs for your children, please take advantage of reading reviews and visiting The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and Tommy Mommy.   

What I hope is that you still enjoy reading Homegrown Learners even though the focus has changed slightly.  I hope I still provide you with ideas for your homeschool and a glimpse into our life as a homeschooling family.  That's the mission of my blog.  

**And here's a tip:  my FAVORITE thing I've reviewed this year was Wits and Wagers and Say Anything -- two FUN games for your family.  These would be GREAT Christmas presents!!!