Stay in Touch! Blessings in Everything...

The past week has definitely had A LOT of bumps.   A broken washing machine, a van that needed repairs.... but as I thought about them all I realized what a blessing I have these things and what a blessing I can get them fixed. 

  I'm trying to find the blessings in everything.

That van that broke down -- it's paid for, and we broke down right in front of a toy store and a Dairy Queen - plenty to do while we waited for the tow truck!

So much to be thankful for... thankful my rough and tumble boy didn't hurt himself worse when he fell off of his BMX bike the other night.   Seeing your son's face meet the pavement and hearing his cries can sure make a mom run FAST!  

Thankful for a Christmas concert planned and executed by Miss B and GMan... it was really good, too!

The blessing of Sunday School teachers who love my children  is huge... don't you love the cute little bags we put together for them?   (found these at the dollar spot at Target - I had to dig for them, but I found 10!)

Thankful for our milkshakes and the tradition we have with them each year!  

 And then I'm thankful for a rainy day spent at home making gingerbread men... Miss B hummed the whole day, a sign I know she's TRULY happy.

I'm also thankful for a huge basket of Christmas books!  Our newfound favorite Christmas read aloud is The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas by Madeleine L'Engle.  Have you ever read it?  

I'm finally very thankful for some much needed perspective I've gained this week.  

You'll notice the Facebook and Twitter links are gone from my sidebar.  I've decided to focus on blogging for my children and to focus solely on homeschool ideas/sharing.   When I really sat and thought about it -- Twitter followers and a FB page are anything but eternal.  

If you want to stay in touch, please sign up in a reader, or get Homegrown Learners updates emailed to you.  Those of you who read this blog are a tremendous blessing to me.  

Have a blessed Christmas!