Advent Anticipation

Isn't this what Christmas is all about? I love this simple representation of the Baby Jesus my son made in Sunday School. It's about God's gift to us - a gift that repairs all of the brokenness and sin in our world. 

I have (what seems like) a million little things to do today. I decided instead to spend some time with my family, have a long phone conversation with my sister who lives out of town and let some of the details GO. My house isn't perfectly clean. I even have a couple of gifts that aren't wrapped yet. 

It isn't about all of the hustle and bustle on Christmas Eve as people search for that "perfect" gift. It isn't about that perfect Christmas meal, the perfect dress, or the perfect family gathering.

If we would just STOP and be QUIET we would know that gift has been given to us over 2,000 years ago. 

 It's really hit me the past couple of weeks that my life needs to be more SIMPLE. I need to start saying NO to so many of the activities that just create noise and stress in my life. I need to start being quiet and listening to what God wants me to do.  

 A few days ago I posted a status on FB that said something to the effect of feeling a huge change coming and how I felt restless. A friend of mine replied, "Mary, you are describing Advent perfectly!". Maybe I have gotten it somewhat right this year by slowing down and focusing on Christ.  I am feeling a sense of anxious anticipation right now... not sure what it's about, but I'm excited to  find out.  

 I wish all of you a blessed Christmas, and many blessings for the New Year.