Our Favorite New Book

It's a privilege being a Tommy Mommy.    I love the resources we are offered each month, and I appreciate the opportunity to share them with you.

Heroes & Villains of the Bible has been a book all of us enjoy.  From the preface:

Heroes & Villains of the Bible uses God's Holy Word to empower your child to make right choices.  Read this book with your child.  Examine the choices of these heroes and villains.  Then use the lesson presented with each story to help your child see how those choices - apply to his or her life today.

The book contains 25 stories from the Old Testament and 25 stories from the New Testament.  The stories are of men AND women.  At the end of each story is a little lesson for the children, along with a simple sentence to help them remember the story.   For example, in the story about Gideon (which my son has read aloud to me numerous times) the point to remember is:

God can make a hero out of anyone who believes. 

Each Bible story is 5-6 pages long and can easily serve as a morning or evening devotion. There is one well done picture that goes with each story.

We've been having my son read the stories aloud to us and it's working well.   The book is well suited for children in elementary and middle school.  

If you'd like to learn more about the book, please view the flipbook below.   This book would make a great gift, or I think just a wonderful addition to your homeschool Bible library.    I know it's helped my children to learn about Bible heroes and heroins and then relate in a meaningful way to them.