Collage Friday - Now You Can Join Me!

After making collages for the past few weeks to wrap up the week, I've gotten a lot of comments asking how I make them... and a few people said they wanted to make them to wrap up their week, too.

I decided to turn this into a fun Friday linky - Collage Friday!    I hope you'll join me each Friday by making a collage (don't worry, I'll show you how) to show off what you accomplished each week in your homeschool.    

First, if you don't know how to make a photo collage through Photobucket, my friend Theresa has a great tutorial on how to do so.  If you don't know about Photobucket, it's a FREE online photo service you will love!  Careful, you might get hooked on making these collages, too.   

Second, write a post including your collage and be sure to link back here to Collage Friday so I can visit your post and see what you've done.    Feel free to link your post to other Friday link ups.  Two of my favorite are The Weekly Wrap-Up and
Favorite Resource this Week.  

Be sure to grab my button (the code is in the sidebar), too!  

Finally, sign the linky form so everyone can visit your post.  

Happy Collage Making!

Our week went by so fast!  We did some math, lots of read-alouds, baking, playing, and just getting ready for the holidays.  I hope you're enjoying this most wonderful time of the year.  


1.  More Toydle Fort making... the kids took apart their creation from last week and built a new configuration all by themselves while I was giving piano lessons.  I was SO IMPRESSED with how they worked together.

2.  Another Lego creation.  My son is mildly obsessed with Lego.  Tomorrow we head to the Lego store for his birthday!

3.  Making Christmas cookies -- I posted at Three Thinking Mothers about this.

4.  State Notebooking - thank you, Jolanthe @ Homeschool Creations for this notebooking template.

5.  My favorite picture this week -- peppermint kisses!

6.  Lots of piano practice going on this week in preparation for next week's recital.  Miss B is playing O Come All Ye Faithful, Away in a Manger, and Jingle Bell Rock.

7.  The kids went to see Santa last weekend - they're both getting so big!

8.  Dad and Gman working on his new Lego creations - Crazy Action Contraptions.  This is a great book of Lego gears and stuff!

9.  Our loot from the Scholastic Book sale earlier in the week.  Do you have a warehouse sale in your area? I think they are so worth it.