Thursdays - Our Co-Op Day!

My children and I are blessed beyond measure to be involved in a large homeschool co-op. I've had several off-hand comments the past week about how "lonely" my kids must be because they are homeschooled, or that they don't get to exchange Valentines because they aren't in "school". I have to chuckle on the inside because nothing could be FURTHER from the truth. Thanks in large part to our wonderful co-op (Voyagers) and also being a part of a large homeschool association, we have so many opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and yes....... SOCIALIZATION.

PJ Day at Co-Op!

Our co-op consists of just over 200 children. It runs for 2 1/2 hours once a week. We have a general assembly time and then two hours of classes. For moms, one hour is spent in fellowship (conversation, sharing, eating yummy food) and the other hour is spent either teaching or assisting in a class. This semester I am teaching a music and movement class for Kindergarten and First Graders. What fun!

Miss B and GMan pick their classes (there are so many wonderful classes to choose from) and they each have two. Currently Miss B is taking New Sew Blanket Fun and Hands On Projects. GMan is taking I Want Candy (a math class - awesome!) and Music and Movement. I cannot begin to describe the caliber of teaching in these classes. The teachers are dedicated to children and learning, and there is at most 10 children in a class, most often with two adults and a teen helper in the room as well.

To say we look forward to Thursdays is an understatement. Last week was PJ Day, and this week there will be exchanging of Valentines. Most of all, I love that we gather with like minded families who share our goals, frustrations, and joys. I also am getting to know other homeschool moms who are a wealth of information, and a great inspiration to me. Compared to some in our group, we are new homeschoolers and I have so much to learn.

Do you participate in a co-op? What's it like? I'd love to know, because I just know about what WE do.

Happy Thursday!