Fantastic Find for Egypt

The Thursday link up theme at The Homeschool Village in February is "Fantastic Finds". Yesterday when we got home from a big trip to Sam's (not my favorite thing to do, but it had to be done!), the kids sat down at the dining room table and worked on a puzzle we had gotten last week at a local bookstore.

When my daughter picked out the puzzle I let her get it because both she and my son were so excited about seeing everything they were learning about in The Story of The World in the puzzle. It was just a hands-on review in a little tin - I loved it! While they worked on the puzzle I could hear them talking about Osiris, King Tut, Hierogylphics, Sarcaphagus (my little guy loves that word!) etc... and I took the opportunity to pepper them with questions as well.

If you're learning about Ancient Egypt I would really recommend this little puzzle - 100 pieces, so it's very achievable for the younger set. I think we'll put some puzzle glue on it and frame it for our school room, to remind us of our journey to Egypt!

* I did a search and found the puzzle on Amazon and several other sites -- Amazon is the cheapest. It was, however, a fantastic little find in a local shop - which is why I love it so much!

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