Lego Party!

My friend Melissa, at The Joys of Home Educating, has a Lego link up each week. I have to admit, my children aren't huge Lego players. We have a few sets, and they play if I haul them out and get them interested. I mentioned the Lego linky today and Miss B said, "We should do that!". So, when we got home from our field trip this morning she sat down on the deck to build. GMan is building as I type, but he wasn't really on board with his sister's idea, so perhaps he'll come up with something on his own. The dynamic duo wasn't quite hitting it off today, imagine that! :-0

While we were at it we researched Lego creations on the internet. For fun, check out the Top 10 Strange Lego Creations! Very cool!

Thanks Melissa, for encouraging children to play with their Legos!!

Miss B. with her house (I think these are pieces from a Lego beach house set):

The barbeque area:

The flower garden:

We've been listening to Charlotte's Web in the car for the past week. Here are some E.B. White inspired Lego creations by GMan. On the left is Templeton and on the right is Charlotte (notice the eight legs). I love the way a child's mind works.

Hop over to Melissa's site and see more Lego creations!