What's for Dinner? My FAVORITE Side Dish!

This recipe is just a winner. You can make it at home as a side dish for dinner. You can also take it to a potluck or cookout. I even made it for a Christmas party last year and it received rave reviews. The recipe comes from my dear friend, DeAnna. She was my supervising teacher during student teaching twenty years ago. In addition to being a great teacher, she's a fabulous cook, too!

Since these posts are supposed to be "What's for DINNER?" I guess you could make a simple ham slice, green beans, crescent rolls, and this fabulous side dish. Here goes! (btw, I don't know who Aunt Frieda is, but I'd sure like to thank her!)

Aunt Frieda's Grapes 'n Cream Salad

Freida’s Grapes ‘n Cream

1 ½ lbs red grapes (rinsed and dried)

1 ½ lbs green grapes (rinsed and dried)

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

8 oz. sour cream, stirred

¾ cup sugar (I used ½ Splenda, ½ sugar)

1 tsp vanilla

Mix creams/sugar until sugar is dissolved. Then pour cream mixture over grapes and fold together. Spoon evenly into an oblong serving dish.


1 cup pretzel crumbs (just crushed in a zip-loc bag. If you use the food processor they get too fine.)

1 cup brown sugar

Mix pretzels and sugar

Sprinkle/spread mixture on top of grapes. Refrigerate.

What's for dinner in your house this week? Feel free to share a main dish, side, or dessert. Anything goes - as long as it can be for dinner! Please link back to my blog somewhere in your post, or use my cute button.

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