What Makes You Happy?

Rain, Rain, Go Away ~
Come Again Some Other Day!

It's one of those dreary, lazy days. I have a day full of piano students coming in and out of the house, and (thanks to Miss B) I have a pretty flowerpot full of colored pencils on my piano. You wouldn't think pencils could change the atmosphere so dramatically, but they HAVE. When I write a comment on someone's music using SLUMBERLAND PURPLE or DRAGON GREEN it just makes us happy. Having happy, lovely things around just changes my mood, how about you?

Oh, and the picture in the background REALLY makes me happy - it's from GMan's three year old preschool class. They dressed all the children up like angels and gave us the pictures for Mother's Day. Talk about a tear jerker. No matter how I am feeling, looking at these pictures always makes me smile.

Leave me a comment and let me know what's lovely in your house that makes you happy.

Have a wonderful weekend!