Learning About Drawing - See The Light Art Class Review

Courtesy of The Homeschool Village, my children have been learning the basics of drawing through See The Light's Art Class. This review has been a treat for us, because I have a six year old who loves to draw and wants to learn more, and a nine year old who thinks she can't draw (because she has never been taught!). I'm happy to report this series of art lessons is helping each of them.

About the Art Class:

  • We received a DVD, called "The Basics", which consists of 4 beginning drawing lessons, each about 10-15 minutes in length (Tools of the Trade, It All Starts With a Line, Contours & Compositions, and Draw What You See). There are additional DVDs with more lessons.
  • These lessons are available to watch online, for the price of $14.99 a month (includes four lessons or "art club meetings"). You can also purchase a nine month membership for $99. New lessons are delivered weekly with unlimited viewings.
  • You can purchase the DVDs online for $14.99 each if you prefer.
  • Pat, the teacher, is very positive and pleasant to watch. She speaks directly to the students, telling them everything they will need and encouraging them every step of the way. She also shows them samples of her own drawings.
  • Famous artists are mentioned throughout the lessons (we liked Picasso's contour drawings)
  • Each lesson is grounded in scripture, and a Bible verse or passage is read.
  • You can sign up on See The Light's website for a 3 episode trial - great!
  • See The Light can also be found on Facebook.

Our thoughts:

  • My children were immediately drawn to the teacher. They readily gathered the supplies they would need and listened intently. The short lessons are wonderful for elementary aged children, but also kept mom interested, too (I am practicing now)!
  • As the parent, you should watch the introductory lesson first and make sure you have the supplies you will need. Some things (such as a charcoal pencil or kneaded eraser) may not be readily available in your house.
  • One of the very first lessons deals with drawing apples - this was the perfect thing for my children to do. They had a little bit of trouble at first, but so did the teacher! (wink, wink) She explained that drawing takes practice and patience. My children kept working and did much better. Pat encourages the children to practice between lessons, which mine did!
  • I appreciated the way she did not talk down to the children, and used several art terms during the lessons. She chose activities that brought easy success and could be practiced in a variety of ways apart from the DVD.
  • It was wonderful to have an expert instruct my children in a subject I know nothing about! Video instruction is fairly new to us, and we enjoyed the format.

Supplies gathered and ready for our first lesson!

Practicing different types of lines in Lesson 2: It All Starts With a Line

My nine year old told me "I never thought I could draw well, but now I think I can with some practice!". My six year old said "I liked it a lot but the bonus feature was too hard." (note: the bonus feature on our DVD was another artist walking you through a chalk exercise - beautiful and achievable for slightly older children).

As I was finishing this review, Miss B bounded into the room with a drawing she had just completed - it is for her grandaddy's birthday later this week. She NEVER would have done something like this before. I am so proud of her! She drew fruit (as suggested in our DVD) and she drew what she "saw" not what she "knew" (another huge point in the lessons!). Yay!

Once we practice the skills in Volume 1: The Basics we will be purchasing the next volume. I will purchase the physical DVDs rather than watch online, because then I can pass along to other homeschool friends - always good to pay it forward!

If you need simple, sophisticated, engaging art lessons for your children, this might be just what you need, too!

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