Yarn Along - A Scarf and Nefertiti

There is a wonderful link up each Wednesday, "Yarn Along" at Small Things. Ginny's blog is just beautiful - I am inspired each time I read a post from her. Now that I have learned to knit I can finally join in the fun on Wednesdays.

I am reading a WONDERFUL book, Nefertiti, by Michelle Moran. We just finished our study of Ancient Egypt and I'm intrigued with this era of history. The book is enlightening and full of suspense - it is literally a book I cannot put down.

I am knitting a very simple scarf (since this is just my third knitting project ever!) for my goddaughter - I love the thick yarn and once it is all finished I will investigate making a pair of fingerless gloves to match. As you can see, I'm not too far along! The pattern is just a simple K2 P2, which I'm finding out is a basic scarf pattern. I have so much to learn about knitting, but hopefully by visiting some of the blogs in the yarn along I will learn more!