Immersing Ourselves in History - Monsters, Demons and Winged Beasts, OH MY!

Thesues and the Minotaur

We continue to make our way through The Story of the World, Volume 1. I like to keep track of our journey here ~ it is impossible to blog enough about it, however, because we spend so much time with history now. The book selections in the activity guide are wonderful, and my children are loving working on their Ancients notebooks. This WORKS for us!

After a trip to a museum at Emory University last weekend (to see an exhibit entitled "Monsters, Demons, and Winged Beasts: Composite Creatures in the Ancient World"), we are using a resource my son picked out in the gift shop. Yesterday, while reading Chapter 18, Life in Early Crete and the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, he played with his awesome new toy:

The maze activity sheet with this chapter is wonderful ~ we won't be forgetting how Theseus slayed the minotaur and how the Aegean Sea got its name, that's for sure!

This entire "Mythical Realms" tube is wonderful for our studies the next few weeks. It keeps a very active six year old engaged in the stories and allows him to internalize the material.

My favorite purchase was the book, Greek Myths, which is perfect for the younger child. It is a retelling of eight classic myths in comic-strip format - perfect!

We have this book ready to begin as our read-aloud:

As always, I have looked ahead several chapters and reserved many of the recommended books from the library. We keep them in a basket in our family room. I also set out books from our personal library to along with what we are studying. I love it that we can immerse ourselves in history using The Story of the World!!

Can you share any resources or thoughts about SOTW? If you don't use SOTW, what is your favorite history curriculum resource?

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