Things I've Been Meaning To Do....

I wanted to have some fun with a post, and when I saw the link-up with I'm a Lazy Mom I found just the thing!     Don't let the name of her blog fool you - if you visit her site you will know exactly how she comes up with the title, and I think it's pretty clever.   The first Monday of each month Stacey blogs about things that she's been meaning to do.... this week it happens to be in her car. I love her honesty and I'm hoping I can be a little more "honest" in my day-to-day posts.  

Often I read blogs and think "Wow, that person really has it together!"  Or, I see pictures of someone's home and am envious of their cleaning abilities, organizational skills and mothering accomplishments.  But let's get real - we all have places we avoid in our homes, our lives, etc...    So, here's my "Things I've Been Meaning To Do" list, and I think I'll actually DO THEM this week just to prove it to myself I CAN!

NUMBER 1:     Pick up this pile of JUNK in the corner by my dining room hutch.   Let's see... empty shipping boxes, clean placemats, and a broken picture frame.  

NUMBER 2:    Actually make something with these chips and pie crust.  They have been in my pantry for several months (and yes, they are still good - I checked the expiration date!).  I know that once I had a fabulous recipe in mind but I have no clue what it was.

NUMBER 3:    Clean out under the island in my kitchen.  Now, it may not look so bad, but if I want to get at something in the back it is impossible.   The doors don't even close all the way, and the only things I really use in here are the slow cooker and the mixer.  The rest I.CAN.GIVE.AWAY.

NUMBER 4:    Get the crud off of the stairs!  Why have these same books, shoe box of trinkets, and bag of yarn been sitting here for at least the past month?    Why does EVERYONE walk past it each and every day?  Beats me.   Come on - I know you have an area in your home like this, don't you?

NUMBER 5:   Clean out this drawer in my kitchen.  It's supposed to house pens, pencils, etc...    Instead, it has become home to confetti, shampoo samples, finger paints, a plastic easter egg, and a calculator.     I know they call it a "junk drawer" for a reason - but I think this is a little over the top.  

How about you?   Is there something you've really been meaning to get to but are just too lazy??   Join me and either link up your post today or just leave me a comment and tell me all about it.    Let's all air our dirty laundry and BE PROUD OF IT!