What's My Identity?

Before I started homeschooling 18 months ago I had a completely different life. If you asked me who I was I would say I was a wife, mother, school and church volunteer, piano teacher, and faithful friend to many. That identity has radically changed... I know it's God's way of growing me.... but it's not always easy.

If you asked me TODAY who I was I would say I was a wife, homeschooling mother, piano teacher, sporadic church volunteer, and faithful friend to (maybe) three special women. I can look back and see God was gently nudging me to stop giving so much of myself to volunteering outside of my home and guiding me to minister to my own family.

Sometimes it's hard to remember what my identity is other than being a "homeschool mom". Don't get me wrong, I love what I do with my children. I KNOW God has called me to educate my children at home, and I don't view them as my educational burden. During these extended breaks in schooling, however, I discover some of the things I love to do, and realize I need to make more time for those things during the school year.

In the past two weeks I have:

1. Spent a half a day with a great friend
2. Learned to knit a hat - and FINISHED!
3. Secured a babysitter for TWO different times!(movie with my hubby and lunch with a friend)
4. Done some reading NOT pertaining to curriculum or parenting
5. Actually contemplated making a scrapbook again

Aren't these the things I should always be doing? Why is it that when we are in the thick of our homeschool year I don't feel like I deserve any of these luxuries? Maybe it's because I'm a relative homeschooling newbie and want to make sure we're meeting all the "requirements" (whatever those are). Or maybe it's because I feel that if I deny myself somehow my children will benefit. I know -- sounds crazy, but my Type A personality finds it hard to "let up" on myself (and sometimes others) when I feel there is much to be "accomplished".

I'm wondering if anyone reading this has the same feelings/problems? Do you rediscover parts of yourself when you are on a homeschooing break? Or, do you manage to stay in touch with yourself during the busy times? My goal is to make homeschooling such a part of our life that there is no line between school and home... I think we'll all be happier when I've learned how to achieve this. Any advice?

I'm really curious....

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