Garden Challenge Link Up #3

It's time for Garden Challenge Update #3!   I'm linking up with The Homeschool Village, and am so grateful for the chance to "grow" myself in a different area. Things are still growing here, and now we await a small harvest.   

We planted seeds in pots as an experiment to see how they would do.  This is a pot of Nasturtium (on the left).  Did you know that they are a spicy-sweet herb?   We had no idea of its many uses!   I think ours was over-fertilized, because they are getting huge and haven't flowered yet.

On the right is a pot of Marigolds, which haven't flowered yet, either, but they love the mostly sunny spot by our garage.    

In our large raised bed in the back yard, the zucchini is really going to town!

 The cilantro is just starting to poke out... I'm a  little disappointed that more hasn't come up, though.

 Here we have some peppers:

And, another look at the zucchini - just ready to flower.  I love zucchini bread and can't wait until we can make some with ingredients from our garden!

We wanted a way to keep the deer out of our garden, and I think I FOUND IT!    I have been spraying Liquid Fence (per the instructions on the bottle) and it seems to be WORKING.  Now, it STINKS -- no one wants to be out there when I spray -- but who cares if it keeps the deer away?   

I'm grateful for the Homeschool Village - without the challenge I'm not sure I would have planted a garden this year... I've come a long way from my gardening confession in post #1!  

How does YOUR garden grow?