Explorations in Antiquity - A Fabulous Field Trip!

Have you heard about the new Field Trip Blog Hop?     I'm excited to be linking up today... we had probably the best field trip EVER (well, LOCAL field trip, that is!) this past week and I can't wait to share it with you!

As part of the summer VBS program at our church  ~ Paul's Journeys ~ (have you read my story about our church... it's a story about trusting God!), a group of 50 youth and adults journeyed to The Explorations in Antiquity Center in Lagrange, GA.   It is essentially a living museum of life in ancient times.    Wow -- we learned SO MUCH!    

In addition to the bonds being formed between all ages at the church...

I got a chance to be with adults and middle/high school youth (while the younger children went to a Bible Land Adventure Camp) and learn about life in ancient times.  We sat under a real goat's hair tent and got a glimpse into the life of a shepherd.  We made our own bread and played instruments.  

The children participated in an archaeological dig, unearthing real treasures and artifacts!  

Ever since we began Volume 1 of The Story of The World, Miss B has had a bit of an obsession with archaeology.   Can you tell she was in heaven doing this dig?? 

Here's my junior paleontologist, also enjoying himself.   This dig comes on the heels of an obsession with dinosaurs!

Here's Miss B listening to one of the guides, and also showing off her Giant Chambered Nautilus fossil!  

Finally, a group of youth from the "lookout", making sure the village was safe!

We finished the day with a trip to Dairy Queen and lots of silliness in the van on the way home.   It was a perfect way to spend our day - learning and forming bonds with our church family!