A Look Back at July 4th - Family Album

I thought it would be fun to take a look through my photos and remember what our past July 4th holidays have looked like.   I'm having such fun recalling special times! 

I snapped this one year when Miss B was little - she and daddy in the hammock on July 4. 

Another year we took a trip to Naples, FL to see my mom and dad... here's Grandpa and Miss B at minor league baseball game.   I have such good memories of this day.  As long as I can remember, my dad has worn these same binoculars at sporting events.   Notice the flag pin on his collar - he is a tried and true patriot.   I love my dad.  

On that same trip grandma made sure we celebrated in style... check out this table!  It is because of my mom that memories of holidays are wonderful.  She always makes everything so special - in only a way that she can.

Spending time looking for shells at the beach with mommy... I remember this like it was yesterday, even how much my little girl loved her brand new princess bathing suit.

Of course we have to have Old Navy Fourth of July t-shirts each year.   Look at that fat little baby - our gift of 2004!   Oh, how I loved this age!   This was also the year we moved into our new home... I was reeling from just having a baby, making a huge move, etc...   I remember the bright spot this year being GMan's giggles and the way Miss B was starting to mother him. 

Another July 4th spent relaxing in the pool!  Look at that special bond between dad and daughter.  They still have it now and I'm so thankful.

I'm pretty sure this was 2006... the family is growing up!  We're on our back deck - we worked so hard to get to a point where we could move into a bigger house with more land and a huge back yard.   We are blessed.

Sister and brother worn out after swimming on July 4!  Don't you love the chubby cheeks on my little guy?

More holiday attire.... and still chubby cheeks!

Mom and GMan -- fireworks with friends on the 4th!  

Last year - going to a Braves game for fireworks and the 4th... we are doing that again this year.  I think it will be a tradition.  I look at this picture and think that my children are REALLY growing too fast.

What special memories do you have of July 4th? What are your family's traditions?   I'm so thankful to live in a country where we can celebrate our freedom and independence and live these wonderful lives, aren't you?