The Most Valuable Things Aren't Learned in Books

I have blogged  about our friends who have adopted two boys from China.   This same friend is my knitting coach (she also taught Miss B how to knit).   With great sadness we say goodbye to our friends this week.   They are being transferred with the military and we are going to miss them.    

Yesterday, I kept the boys so our friends could work with the packers and not have interference from a five and two year old!    We had a wonderful day (which culminated in a flat tire, but that's another story!) and as I looked back at the pictures I thought about all the things we have learned from our dear friends:

Savor every moment with each other.... and live life to the fullest.   

Relationships are important... and learning to understand people with differences even more important than that.   Sometimes, if you step outside of your comfort zone, you will be richly blessed. 

 Big crowds of crazy kids can be fun (I use to shy away from this!)... there are lots of messes, laughs, silly noises, and good times. 

It's good to drop the school books and routines and just go have fun with friends... they won't be around forever and making memories is what it's all about! 

We'll miss our friends, but look forward to having a new place to visit -- I feel a big "field trip" coming on in the next year!