Have You Read The Book of Beasts?

The Read-Aloud Thursday book is taken directly from Amy, at Hope is The Word.  (Read her post about it here.)  I am starting to rely on Amy for her book suggestions, and when she blogged about The Book of Beasts a while back, I ordered it immediately! (only $5.99!) 

The copy we received appears to have one of the less common covers, and I love it!  It also has a different illustrator than more common versions (Annabel Spenceley drew the pictures in this version.).  The story, written in 1900, has a charm and appeal that I can't quite describe.  

This is the story of Lionel, a small boy who, to his great surprise, is made king. He's delighted to discover the palace library - and one book in particular, "The Book of Beasts", but when he opens its pages, he is not prepared for the magic that is unleashed!
(Synopsis taken from

 It is one of those books that will be read again and again in our home... they just can't enough of the Manticora and the Hippogriff!  

We thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I'm thankful to Amy for bringing it to my attention.  What is your favorite read-aloud?  Each Thursday Amy hosts Read-Aloud Thursday, where you can see what lots of people are reading to their children.  It's my favorite blogging day of the week!