Learning To Live In The Moment - From My Children!

I love Marci's "Living in the Moment" link up on Fridays.   This week I had two instances where I WASN'T living in the moment, but one of my children was.   Does that ever happen to you?  You're so whipped into a frenzy over what needs to be done, and then one of your children comes to you with something so joyful and spontaneous.  

OvercomingBusy.comFirst incident:   Wednesday morning - I was frantically trying to get everything settled with the blog redesign at Three Thinking Mothers.  I was very short with my children, so they retreated (they are so smart) and went to play with the Gizmo, our dog.  Gizmo is a really funny old guy - he's attached to pretty much me and that's it.  So, the fact that he let them abuse him for this time is pretty amazing!  

 They had my phone and were snapping pictures.  I could hear giggles, but didn't have time to check on the fun.  Thank goodness the pictures were waiting for me on my phone when I uploaded them:  

Second example:   I'm working very hard on well planned dinner.  I wonder where my daughter is (who is supposed to be setting the table!).   My son says she is outside.  As I go to the front door to yell to her to "stop playing around and get inside and help me!", she comes walking up with flowers for a vase to use as our centerpiece.   Boy, did I feel terrible.  

That little vase of flowers added a touch of beauty to our dinner... again, she was living in the moment, but I was not.

You think I would have learned after 10 years of motherhood to stop and smell the roses with my children.   I'm so thankful for a little thing called GRACE, and the opportunity to start fresh each morning trying to be the mother God wants me to be.