Blogging Envy

Have you ever had a subject weighing on your heart... really wanting to blog about it, but not being able to find the right words?   

This one subject has been gnawing at me for a few months, actually.   Today I read the perfect post.     It was written by Darlene Schacht, who is one of my  favorite bloggers.  She put into words what was on my heart, but couldn't quite make it's way out through my keyboard!  In her post, entitled Four, No Make that FIVE, Ways to Control Envy, she talks about bloggers and how we fall prey to being envious of each other.  

As I've aged (you see, I'm almost 40 - ha!) I have been in a few situations where envy has destroyed a relationship.  God has strengthened me in the past few years to close my eyes to comparisons and focus on my task in life: serving HIM through education my children at home.  I am SO thankful to have formed a close (but small) circle of homeschool blogging moms whom I trust and follow.  These women blog to SHARE, not to get "followers".  They choose what their passion is and blog about that... and when I read their blogs I really LEARN something.   When I've been quiet for awhile, or they know I have been hurting, they contact me to see how I'm doing.Their hearts are genuine and I consider some of them my closest friends.

I have, however, also seen the envious side of bloggers and it makes me sad.   We're all in this together.  We each have our own gifts and talents.  It's not about competing for followers, or kissing up to the biggest name blogger on Twitter at that given moment.   I like what Darlene says, 

In much the same way, we are far more productive when we focus on the plan ahead rather than checking out the competition and the crowds that they draw. 

As homeschool moms we have a HUGE task in front of us.  Why waste time comparing with/being jealous of bloggers when we could be learning from and blessing others?   
Take some time to Darlene's  post, then come back and leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Like I said, it's been weighing on my heart...