The Big Projects

Each Febrary my children participate in a homeschool Literature Fair. Last year it was such a wonderful experience; I knew we would make it a priority this year.  We were reminiscing earlier about learning to knit and raising ladybugs last year - so many good memories.  Click here to read about last year's fair. 

Getting ready for the projects this year has been fairly stress free (so far!).  This is an integral part of our learning. It is not something EXTRA, it is what we do.   We have read each child's book aloud (completed in December) and now work on pieces for their display boards and a large hands on project.  We solicit help and expertise from family members ~ the children get so excited that everyone is learning. 

Even though my daughter is more than capable of reading her book alone, I want my son to also benefit from her project (and vice versa).  Literature Fair books are always read alouds in our house.  

The older children who participate are responsible for a report and bibliography, as well as a personal interview about their project and book selection.  They must follow a strict format and keep track of the time spent on their project.  

We always fall in love with the literature fair books, and this year is no exception.  Miss B has chosen The Wheel on the School (which ties in very nicely with our year long study of birds) and GMan chose The Chocolate Touch.

There is something very special and intimate about spending so much time with one book.   You feel as if you truly know the characters, and it allows my children to become experts on a particular subject.  In this case, my daughter is very interested in Holland and Storks, and my son is learning all about chocolate production and comparing the King Midas story to The Chocolate Touch.  

Pinterest has been a huge help.  I created a board for each book we are studying, and then as we found ideas I just pinned them to that specific board.   My daughter has even become interested in pinning things, too! 

The Wheel on The School Pinterest Board
The Chocolate Touch Pinterest Board

Two other invaluable resources have been Homeschool Share and Download N Go Unit Studies.  You can design an entire interest led curriculum through these two sites!  Homeschol Share had a whole lapbook about storks, and GMan has been doing the Chocolate Challenge Download n Go unit.  Perfect! 

Now that we are just a couple of weeks away from the actually Literature Fair, the children are completing lapbook pieces (for their display boards), working on reports, and their hands-on projects.  (I don't want to give away too much, because they each have something big they are working on for the big day.) 

Each project gets its own Ziploc bag where we keep the book and any completed pieces for the display board.  We will spend a good amount of time each day getting ready.  

I LOVE the accountability and accomplishment this activity provides.  I love going to the Literature Fair and seeing all of the wonderful projects and so many children excited about sharing what they have learned. The experience of speaking with a judge about your work and also staying with your project and explaining it to the people who come to view the fair is invaluable

Do your children have any big projects in the works right now?   What are they?

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