The Pink Scarf

This morning was special.  

My daughter has developed a relationship with an older woman in our church.   By older I mean this sweet lady is over 90.

Miss B met her one day while we were at church for a meeting.  She sat down with the woman's knitting/crocheting group and learned to crochet from Miss Jean.  

Each week at church my son and daughter give Miss Jean a hug.  I didn't think much of it until Christmas Eve, when Miss B was running around the house putting together a Christmas gift for Miss Jean.  

This morning Jean gave each of the children a present.   For my daughter the present was VERY special: 

This sweet woman took the time to crochet my daughter a beautiful pink scarf.    I was so appreciative, as was Miss B.  To know that someone is thinking of you enough to spend their precious time making you something is so meaningful.  I think it is RARE in our fast paced society today.

What really made this all so special, however, was the Children's Sermon.  The children were learning about what Epiphany means, and how God showed up (or revealed himself) when Jesus was born, when the wise men traveled to meet him as a baby, and when John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

The woman giving the children's sermon then told the children that God comes to us today in many different ways.  I nudged my husband and we both looked at the pink scarf.... God came to my daughter through Miss Jean.

The children received a small dove ~ so they would remember the dove that came down at Jesus' baptism... and so they would remember to watch for ways that God reveals himself to us in our lives NOW.

On the back of the dove were these words:

What a wonderful gift my daughter was given.

What a wonderful gift we've all been given.

I'm thankful for Jean and for the gift that God gave my daughter through her.  

How will God reveal himself to YOU this week?    Are you being still ~ listening/watching, ready to welcome Him??

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