To Read is To Fly ~ 10 Days of Reading Aloud/Day 1

Welcome to the 10 Days of Reading Aloud!  

I feel VERY strongly about reading aloud to your children each and every day - and not just to your small children, but to your big children as well.

Over the next ten days I want to challenge you to READ ALOUD TO YOUR CHILDREN (if you don't already).    Read aloud each and every day and see if you don't notice a difference in the atmosphere in your home.

This Thursday, October 18 and next Thursday, October 25, there will be a link up for us to share what we are reading aloud in our homes.   I hope you can join in sharing what you are reading aloud in your home.

 I'm hoping this inspires us all to think more about reading aloud and the important part it plays in our lives.

In this series I will share things like:


  • where I get read aloud suggestions
  • how I have built the habit of attention that allows my children to sit for long spans of time while I read aloud
  • the PROVEN benefits of reading aloud to your children
  • how read-alouds can fit so well with history, math, science, music, and other curriculum areas
  • a printable read-aloud log
  • a post from someone very special in the read aloud world, along with free downloads and an AWESOME giveaway!   


It is difficult for me to express just how much reading aloud has changed our lives.   I have shared so many beautiful, exciting, funny, and touching moments with my children.    Best of all, they are moments that will remain in our memories for years to come.   

If you link up each week for Collage Friday, never fear... the link up will still happen, but I will be sharing collages of our favorite read-alouds!   

I do hope you join me for the series!    

What are you hoping to learn from this series?  Do you have a specific read-aloud question for me?

Do you read aloud in your homeschool?  If so, how much time do you average per day? 

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