Musical Onomatopoeia and Quotations: A Maestro Classics Giveaway



I love it when I can share things our family loves. 

We definitely love Maestro Classics  (Remember the Water Xylophone we made after listening to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, or how about the unit we created from Casey At The Bat?)  I am confident that each and every time my children listen to one of the stories in music they are getting a quality listening experience.   They learn elements of music, facts about the composer, and so much more.

If I had to choose just ONE music resource for our homeschool, Maestro Classics would be it - hands down.

Sophisticated Learning

The most recent CD from Maestro Classics is The Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint-Saens. As explained on the CD, this piece is an example of Musical Onomatopoeia (using instruments to imitate animal sounds).  Saint-Saens also borrows melodies from other famous composers and changes them just a bit to reflect different animals - a kind of Musical Quotation.   

I've always admired how clever this group of pieces is, and now Maestro Classics brings this to light for children in a sophisticated, yet child friendly way.   It's BRILLIANT.

The CD includes a 24-page booklet with Odgen Nash verses and pictures by children’s book illustrator, Anne Wilsdorf.  The children can follow along with the music and the poetry.  The music itself is quite charming, but the nonsensical verse added by Ogden Nash adds an extra element of fun.  


The CD booklet also includes the Maestro talking about the music, as well as information about the composer, and information about Au Clarie de la Lune and a sing along.  

 Our Approach 

We've been listening to the CD in the van for the past couple of weeks.   Each listening proves to be a different experience, because the more well aquainted my children get with the music, the more they notice about the music.

They follow along with the Ogden Nash verses in the booklet, but I have noticed they are also memorizing the verses, too - without any effort.    From a mom's perspective this is wonderful.  I don't have to do any work, and I'm learning, too!

During The Ten Days of Teaching Music  last spring, Bonnie Simon posted here about Non Stress Musical Learning - EXACTLY why I love these CDs.  

Listen to samples from the CD here.

In the next weeks I will plan extension activities - Living Montessori Now has wonderful ideas, and I think the Ogden Nash verses would make good copywork.   

{ Of course we'll also be using some of these selections for SQUILT, too! } 

There's also a VERY cute Looney Tunes Carnival of The Animals to watch online!

How to Purchase

If you choose to purchase the physical CD, it is $16.98.  Another option is to download the .mp3 and printable  booklet for $9.98.

I believe a collection of Maestro Classics CD makes for lovely music education resource in your home.

 From now until December 1 you can choose any three CDs and receive them for $35, which is a savings of $15.  Simply enter the promo code THANKSGIVING at checkout.


Maestro Classics has graciously agreed to give one lucky reader a copy of The Carnival of The Animals!   Enter using the widget below to win!


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*Maestro Classics is a paid sponsor of Homegrown Learners.    I was provided a copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.