The Curse of Control: LET.IT.GO Review & Giveaway


Being a woman who loves control is a curse.  

I've always known I inherited the "control gene".   My husband and I would laugh about it, and most often I could convince myself it was an asset:

I'm always on time.

I meet deadlines.

People can depend on me to get things done.

Being a Type A woman definitely has its benefits, but who am I fooling?   Mostly, it's just a huge hassle trying to control everything all the time.

When my children were younger I had a lot of control.  My house was clean, I could gain sanity during naptimes, and those precious little ones still hadn't developed a mind of their own.

Those were the days.  I had it all UNDER CONTROL.  

Fast forward just a few years:   I'm now a mom of an eleven and almost eight year old.   We are at home together all day long.   They don't take naps.   They make messes all day long.  

Oh, and they each have strong minds of their own. {wonder where they got THAT from?}

Add to that all of the balls I juggle as a homeschool, work at home mom and most days I struggle for control and never achieve any.

Here's a typical scenario:

The house is 100% clean because company is coming for the afternoon.   Fifteen minutes before they arrive a bucket of LEGO bricks is dumped on the floor.  Someone spills a glass of milk on the kitchen floor.   The dog decides to poop in the entryway {gross, I know - but this happens all too often!}.   

Or how about this one?

While my child has volunteered to make dinner for the evening I am hovering over her every move, grumbling and complaining about the mess she is making (because she certainly isn't cleaning as she goes like I do).   After fifteen minutes in the kitchen she finally relents and says "You do it, mom - I can't do it as good as you."

I truly want to be joyful, but more often than not that joy is elusive because I am trying to "run the show" effectively.   Not only is it hard on me, I'm often crushing little souls in my controlling path.   

It's hard to admit this, but it's a very LARGE part of who I am.

Does this control freak sound like you?

It is no coincidence that Karen Ehman's new book LET.IT.GO fell into my lap a short time ago.   


Her words at the beginning of the book spoke to me loud and clear:

So please pause, my reading friend.  Take a deep breath.  I don't believe it's a coincidence that you're holding this book just now.  You and I have much to learn about letting go, about prying our fingers off of the control wheel of life and giving it back to the One who created multitasking , take-charge women in the first place.

Topics include: 

  • Managing Your Man
  • Micromanaging Instead of Mothering
  • Hovering Over the Home
  • Our Clamoring Culture
  • Soul Control

 Karen offers advice from the word of God to help us learn to rely more on HIM and less on ourselves.

Through humorous personal stories and "control quizzes" she begins to lead us control freak women on the journey to lead more happy and peaceful lives.   

At a time in my life where I feel things are spinning out of control, LET.IT.GO showed me that if I would just let go of some control I will ironically feel MORE in control.   Oh, I know this is so, but reading the book hammered the point home.


The book has made such an impact on me that I have invited several friends to participate in the LET.IT.GO Bible study with me after the holidays.   These are friends that are committed to making a positive change in their lives... a move away from so much control and more dependence on HIM.

As I sat in church Sunday the tears flowed - reading this book has shed light on my selfish, controlling ways.  It's not easy to face, and I'm ashamed.   

I am thankful, however, for the chance to CHANGE, and the chance to allow God's grace to wash over me and start fresh each and every day.    God is good... HIS control is the final word.  



I want offer you, my faithful readers, a chance to win LET.IT.GO.    Two lucky winners will be chosen.  

To enter:  Simply leave me a comment and tell me why you NEED this book.  What area of life do you attempt to control the most?   

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 25th at midnight.   Please be sure to leave a valid email address where I can contact you.   

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   I've been blessed by this book in ways I cannot adequately express.   I'm grateful to Karen and the ministry she is providing through her books.  


Karen Ehman is the Director of the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker team and the author of six books. Her passion is to provide practical inspiration and biblical encouragement to help women live their priorities and love their lives. She’s been a guest on The 700 Club, Moody Midday Connection and Focus on the Family. She and her college sweetheart Todd are raising their three kids in the boondocks of central Michigan.