Turkeys, Shoeboxes, and Black Friday - Collage Friday


It was a very relaxing week in our house.

We always stay home for Thanksgiving and spend the day at my father-in-law's house with family.   I have to cook a few things, but not too much.   

What results is a week of little schoolwork, and a lot of time for other things.

This past week my husband was home most of the week, so we played games, went to see a movie (might I recommend Lincoln for the adult? It was excellent!) , and just took it easy.  I read a book I'd been wanting to spend time with, and also starting making Christmas plans.  

I'm thankful for a week of (seemingly) NOTHING!  

 I'm writing this collage post Thanksgiving morning.  The house is quiet, the sweet potatoes are in the oven, and only the boys are awake.   It's going to be a good day and we have MUCH to be thankful for.   


Anna started work on the Hearts and Trees Prairie Kit.   This is such a cute little activity - I shouldn't call it "little", because it involves making a paper quilt, sewing a quilted potholder, notebooking, pictures study, and more.   She and I had the afternoon to ourselves one day this week while Grant was at a friend's house, so we sat down with this.   

The 3D Paper Turkey Cutouts come from The Homeschool Classroom.  The kids colored them with watercolor pencils and they fit together easily - cute Thanksgiving decorations! 



  1. We collected so many boxes at our church for Operation Christmas Child.  I'm looking forward to working at the processing center in Atlanta next week.
  2. I did the Children's Sermon last Sunday - we packed the very last OCC Box and then blessed all of the boxes.    I love working with the children of our church.  
  3. Sunday morning Anna was with a friend of hers so it was just Grant and mom and dad for breakfast before church.  We went to Dunkin' Donuts and enjoyed a little one on one time with our boy.
  4. One of the fun things about this time of year is seeing friends come home from college for a visit.  The young man in this picture goes to our church, and is also a former piano student.   Grant looks up to him and was very excited to see him on Sunday - not only that, but he got to sit with him in church, too!  I imagine in 10 years Grant will be this big.  Sniff.... sniff....
  5. We spent A LOT of time playing Othello this week - remember that game?
  6. Here's a very sad story:  walking out of the grocery store this week I went to grab Grant's hand.  I said "Grab my hand while we cross the parking lot."  He looked up at me (ever so sweetly) and said, "Holding hands is getting kinda old."    It was like a dagger through my heart.   I made him hold my hand so I could take a picture to commemorate the occasion.  Later in the week he looked at me and said "love ya, mom" - in return I asked him if he'd like to hold my hand and he promptly replied, "NO!".  What a stinker.

We spent an evening reading Cranberry Thanksgiving.   All of the Cranberry books are so sweet.   In past years we have made a Cranberry Crisp and also experimented with exploding cranberries and made play dough.

This year I just read the book, then we sang "We Gather Together" (mentioned in the book) and finally Grant helped me make the Cranberry Bread for Thanksgiving.   I don't often cook in the kitchen with just him and we had such a good time together.   He was very serious about his job!

I treasured an evening of singing at the piano, baking, and watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  

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