A Must Have Tool for Holiday Meal Planning


I'm not one of your typical homeschool moms that LOVES to be in the kitchen.

Oh, I'll cook to feed my family and every now and then I bake up some goodies with my kids, but it's not my passion, know what I mean?  {If my husband is reading this right now he is vigorously shaking his head! I'm thankful he likes to cook.} 

I would much rather be reading a book, doing a fun activity with my kids, or puttering around my house.

I do know, however, that our weeks run more smoothly and everyone is happier when we have healthy meals and snacks.   Better still, a week goes best when I have shopped on the weekend and have everything on hand for the week.

In the month of December I would love to be intentional about SLOWING DOWN, enjoying my family and making memories.   Our holidays don't need to be hurried and stressed.  I'd like to share a tool with you I'm using, and I think you might benefit from this tool, too.

Plan to Eat is the best $5 I spend each month!  I take recipes from my Pinterest boards, add them easily into Plan To Eat, drag them onto my calendar, and then a shopping list is generated automatically.  I can share recipes with friends and keep my favorite recipes organized and in one place.    

Until Monday you can purchase a yearly subscription to Plan to Eat for just $19.50 (which works out to about $1.60 a month).  You can also buy unlimited gift subscriptions for $15.50.  

What's on the menu in my house this week?   Here's a glimpse:

I can even add "pizza" to my planner, because we have this each Wednesday night after I finish teaching piano.

Today I'll be headed to the grocery store with my Plan To Eat list, checking it off easily as I go.   My husband will be able to look at our Plan to Eat account while he's at work each day to see what's for dinner that night.   We will have healthy meals and everyone will be happy.

At least that's the PLAN.   (you know what happens to those sometimes, right?)    

How do you plan your meals?