Our Monthly Science Box - With a Giveaway

Science has been the one thing that has never quite "come together" in our homeschool.   

Yes, we incorporate science experiments every now and then, read biographies of famous scientists, and have even done a few science unit studies.    Still, I would  say science is our weak spot.  

Enter "The Why Box" from Discovery Boulevard.    Now I'm guaranteed to have an engaging science unit once a month, and I don't have to do A SINGLE THING TO PREPARE.

About The Why Box


"Each month we pose a different question about the world we live in. Then the Why Box sets out answering them with simple explanations, hands on experiments and fun activities. "

~ (from the creator of The Why Box)

The box includes:

  • A monthly activity book that poses a simple question, then uses very simple language and activities to teach the answer to that question
  • Supplies you will need for the experiment (s) 
  • Supplies for a hands-on project
  • A journal to record your scientific findings

 A subscription is 6 months and will include the following topics:

  • Why Does Soap Get You Clean?
  • Why Does A Microwave Heat Your Food?
  • Why Is Water So Important?
  • Why Don't Clouds Float Into Space?
  • Why Is Thunder So Loud?
  • Why Are Rocks Different Colors?

 Our Experience With The Why Box


Our question was "Why does soap get you clean?"

A simple explanation was given in our booklet.   Then, we conducted an easy experiment with oil, water, and dish soap to demonstrate the principle we just learned (that the moleclues in soap both attract and repel water).   The experiment made my children's understanding of the science concept CRYSTAL CLEAR!   We recorded our findings in the Discovery Boulevard journal that was included in our box.  

After we did the experiment, we made soap.   Glycerin and a mold were included in our box, as were easy directions for making a bar of soap.   

We spent an hour on science this day.   It was the perfect amount of time.

What We Liked About The Why Box


  1. I don't have to "plan" for science.   Every single thing we need is in the box and it is self explanatory.  For only $15.95 per month this is a GOOD DEAL.  
  2. It is perfect for multiple ages.  My 11 and 7 year olds each learned very much from our activities, and they were also inspired to make more soap (so off to the craft store we went!).  They were also able to articulate exactly what they learned when they were asked.   I know they have internalized something if they can explain it effectively! 
  3. The scienctific terminology and method were emphasized.   It is a serious (yet fun) science lesson.  

 We're very excited because our next Why Box will arrive this week.   I am guaranteed my children will get a comprehensive and fun science lesson.

To find out more about The Why Box (and other products you might like) visit Discovery Boulevard

I'm please to be able to give away one soap box - you'll be able to learn why soap gets you clean and make your own soap, too.   It's a lot of fun, I promise!  


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*I was given a subscription to the Why Box in exchange for my honest review.   No compensation was received.