Nutcracker Unit Study


Nutcracker Unit Study

I'm happy to be able to give you a Christmas gift:  A Nutcracker Unit Study.

We are using this over the next two weeks in our homeschool.  My children are 11 and 8.  I've created activities for the younger children and for middle grades.


arts & crafts

book & video links

analysis of the music


This is just some of what is included in this study.  

The full table of contents:

My children have already been working... I especially love the Nutcracker drawing tutorial and the notebooking pages.


Nutcracker Activities


I hope you enjoy this unit study!  Nothing does my heart more good than to hear my children humming Tchaikovsky's music, or excitedly chattering with each other about their favorite parts of the ballet.  

Music is a gift that last a lifetime.  

Give this gift to your children this holiday season.


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Happy Listening and Learning!