A Read Aloud To Learn About Shakespeare


A few weeks ago we had a gentle introduction to Shakespeare.  

We continue now with a read aloud to learn more about Shakespeare and the Elizabethan England.  

We are lingering in this era because there is so much to be learned, so much to be savored.   I love homeschooling for this reason.  We can PAUSE and soak in the beauty.   

Shakespeare Stealer is our current read aloud.   

The story is of Widge, a young boy living in Shakespeare's time.  He has been commissioned by his master to "steal" Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.    

The story leads us through England and eventually into the Globe theater.   

This book is a read aloud where my children plead, "Just one more chapter!  Please?".    

It is fast paced, entertaining, and such a great addition to our repertoire of historical fiction. 

We've learned vocabulary:



break fast (aka breakfast)



{Reading the Kindle version lets us look up words quickly!}


We've learned geography:


Thames River

{I've printed this map for while we're reading.} 


We've learned science:

Is the EARTH the center of the world?    They thought so during these times.


And I'm sure we've learned even MORE.  


What are you currently reading aloud?

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