The Literature Fair - Part 1 (I created a Squidoo Lens!)

The 2012 Homeschool Literature Fair was a great success! 

I promised I would write about each of the children's projects.  I hope you can gain some ideas for your own homeschool and get inspired to dive even DEEPER into quality living books.    

Miss B's book this year was The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong.  I have created my very first Squidoo Lens (this has been a goal of mine for several months now!) about the book which you can see by clicking here. 

I'm so proud of my daughter - she won 2nd place in her age group this year!   What makes me even more proud is that she completed this project independent of me... from the writing and typing of her book and research report, to painting the "school" and putting together her own display board.   

One of Miss B's closest friends won first place in their age group.   It did my heart good to see my daughter being more happy for her friend than she was for herself.  Her friend (pictured below) dressed up as Effie (from The Hunger Games) and did a fabulous project.  (Now, I fall into the category of moms who won't let their children read The Hunger Games, but that is neither here nor there... this child did a great job and deserved first place!)

The requirements for the literature fair included a log book, research report, book report, bibliography, tri fold display board, and a "hands-on" project.  My daughter chose to construct and paint a model of the school from her book.  She also made all of the characters and a nice little display of tulips (since the book takes place in Holland).

As we walked the fair we took pictures of some of our favorites --- as you can see, some of the upper grades projects were AMAZING!  With OVER 70 STUDENT PARTICIPATING, there wasn't time to snap shots of all of them, but these stood out to my children:  

Stay tuned later this week for GMan's project - inspired by The Chocolate Touch!