Shrove Tuesday and A Collection of Lenten Ideas

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Today is Shrove Tuesday.   Traditionally this day marks the last day of indulgence before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent).  We will be making pancakes tonight in honor of the day before Lent.  

Beginning tomorrow we will be a bit more somber and reflective about our faith and about Jesus' death on the cross.  I have printed a Lenten calendar for each of my children and will be doing a special activity each week with them to dig deeper into the true meaning of Lent.

These next couple of months will be spent focusing on some of our harder academics "buckling down" a bit more.  I want everything to take on a more serious and reflective tone in our home (not losing the wonder, mind you - just adopting a slightly more pensive attitude).

No, my family isn't Catholic - but we are Lutheran (which is almost Catholic but not quite!), so we Lent is perhaps the most important season of our church year.  

I heard a couple of years ago  maybe we should focus on taking something ON for Lent rather than giving something up.   I take this to mean perhaps we should adopt more of a spirit of self control, generosity, and thoughtfulness during these 40 days of Lent.   It's not about giving up chocolate or Coke!

I love this list of 40 Ideas for Lent by Rachel Held Evans... you will get some wonderful ideas here.  

One resource we will be revisiting is Amon's Adventure - we read this last year and it was an amazing gift to our entire family.  

I also found a craft for Jesus' Crown of Thorns - which we will be making this weekend and then pulling out the thorns when a child does something loving, caring, or generous for someone else.   

Do you observe Lent in your homeschool?   What will you be doing over the next 40 days to prepare for the Resurrection of our Lord?