I Love Being A Bookworm ~ Printable


In the LOVE-ly Ideas post yesterday I mentioned making treat bags for quiet reading time.... in honor of Valentine's Day approaching. 

I'm not  one for making a lot of printables on my blog {you probably already know that},  but several people wondered if they were available for download.

Since my learning curve for printables is STEEP, I just took a picture of what I created, added it to a Word document, converted to .pdf and uploaded to Scribd.  {clear as mud}

I've included the download link, and the page contains three of these little bookworm notes for your children.   

I gave mine to the children today for quiet reading time and they were in SHOCK (I never buy candy) and just love me to pieces.  That's worth something, isn't it?

The best part:  they are in their rooms reading right now.  Miss B is enthralled with Swiss Family Robinson on her Kindle and GMan took two Magic Treehouse books to dive into.

Let me know if you use these with your children - I think they're a quick way to make the day different and fun... and for us as moms to catch some quiet time!  

If you have a fun Valentine idea, please join Meghan and I and link up - it can be old or new - we'd just love to see all of your ideas!  


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