Play Ball! {and some shopping}

Saturday was just a GOOD day.   It's one of those days I want to blog about so I don't forget.

It was opening day for Little League!  Go Cardinals!

After spending the morning shopping with Miss B and her friend, I am very aware of how quickly my children are growing.  

 Hearing little whispers from the back of the van and watching their silly antics in the stores made me remember my own pre-teen years.   When did I get to be the mother of someone this old?   And -- when did I get to be 40?  

When it came time for G's game in the afternoon I was feeling a bit sentimental.   

It was a gorgeous afternoon!

These are my two favorite guys in the whole world!

Of course I had to get one with my son and I.   It seems like these days I have to GRAB him to get him to be still for a picture.  

The game was excellent!  My lefty did a good job.  I'm always amazed at how well these little guys on this 8U team can play!

It's fun to watch all of the boys grow and mature.   

I enjoy seeing mother moms I don't normally get to chat with  (except during baseball season)....

It was heartwarming to see my son give a thumbs-up to his buddy from our co-op (who was playing on the opposing team).

There's so much to love about a day at the ball field.    

Our next game is Monday.... let the busy schedule begin!