Sticky Note Stories and Things To Do in Heaven

I don't think you'll find any great homeschool ideas here today (well, maybe encourage your child to write some sticky note stories) but I do hope you'll be inspired to blog or record in some way the things your children do that amaze, inspire, and just make you love them even more than you thought possible. 

Over the weekend GMan and I were banished upstairs to wait while his Miss B and dad concocted a "surprise" in the kitchen. He came to me and asked me if I had any notepads. All I could find upstairs was a lot of sticky notes. He took the sticky notes and a pencil and disappeared.

Just an hour later he had created all of these -- he has dubbed them:

"Mr. G's Sticky Note Stories"

Isn't that cute?

This is just like GMan to decide on a project and then take it full tilt. He loves organizing, counting, and having collections. Some of the titles he had were, "The Lazy Pirate", "The Coke Zero" {hmmm... I gave up Coke Zero for Lent!}, "The Hypnotize Swirl", and "The Box"

He makes a little story/cartoon with each section of the pad. For example, this one, entitled "Your Royal Softness", depticts a king who just falls apart. Notice the last picture is someone saying "OH" as the king crumbles.

This one, which he dubbed "Pure Love" is pretty funny I think.

A man and a woman drive away in a car, go to dinner, and end the evening with a kiss. See the "Mwahhh" at the end -- that's the kiss. It just cracks me up.

I love it that my children can find something to do when they are "bored". I love it that they love to draw and write.

I think this was a great thing to do while your sister surprised you by baking chocolate chip cookies, don't you?

These sticky notes also reminded me of a little something Gman wrote while in church a few weeks ago...

Read that list carefully.   Keep in mind we had been talking a lot about heaven lately because of the passing of six year old friend of G's.  I think in some way my son was thinking about heaven and realizing that it's going to be a place where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

To him it is a place where he will get do to all those great things he wants and/or loves to do here on earth.   

How innocent and wonderful a child's heart is -- "Pick Weeds", "Sing in the Rain", and "Eat at a cafe" are among my favorites.

I want to remember this FOREVER.  

Have your children done things recently that you just want to hold onto and never forget??  Have you blogged about it or written it down??