Science and History Inspired Reading

We have been doing a lot of reading in our house.  

I haven't been reading aloud as much this week because it has been causing bad headaches for me.   I have an appointment for an eye exam - I've worn contacts for YEARS.  I am nearsighted.  I think, however, that since 40 came knocking at my door my close up vision is getting worse. (I can remember my dad having to take off his glasses to read, or hold things far away -- that's me now!)  I'm hoping an adjusted prescription will help!

Last week we went off on a tangent to learn about Louis Pasteur.   To make it seem less tangental, I purchased a unit study and we are continuing our study this week.  The study centers around Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes, which we are enjoying so far.  

History is always so interesting for the kids... and the recommendation from Story of The World to read St. George and The Dragon was PERFECT.    I haven't read a picture book this beautiful to the children in quite some time. 

We finished our chapter in SOTW about Knights and Samurais (GMan read Sam Samurai - which he LOVED... I just discovered these books at the library and there are so many to choose from!!)

If you are studying Medieval times and chivalry, you want to include St. George and The Dragon.  This version, retold by Margaret Hodges, is a Caldecott Award winner, and for good reason.   The illustrations on each page are mesmerizing, and they go along with an equally enchanting story.   I'm so glad I added this book to our library.  

Moving ahead in history just a bit we have Who Was Marco Polo? and The Adventures of Robin Hood  to be devoured next.    I am thankful for Susan Wise Bauer and her thoughtful suggestions in The Story of The World Activity Guide.   The books suggested never disappoint us.  

Miss B has taken her own detour into WWII history and read Hitler's Daughter and Number the Stars already this week.  I'm not sure what spurred this interest, but I'm trying to provide her with as many books as possible. 

My sister-in-law, a middle grades science teacher also got her started on this Everest series by Gordon Korman.  I had to find the rest of the books in the series from the library.  She told me today, "You can't just read the first book and STOP... you have to find the rest... PLEASE!"  

I am happy to oblige.  

I've been feeling a bit jealous lately of all the time my children have to READ.   I need to carve out some more time for me to read things that interest me... I need a good work of fiction to just lose myself in --- any recommendations??

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