Collage Friday - Turtles, Painting, and Nose Jobs

I have a lot to share with you this week.  Not only was it a busy homeschool week, but it was a busy blogging week for me.   I'm so excited to be a part of iHomeschool Network and to also be writing a 10 Days of Teaching Music series which starts next Monday!    Have you seen all of the wonderful bloggers and series that will be out there for you to enjoy?   It's going to be very exciting!

Since the series is taking up a lot of my time (I've got some great things planned for you and some super giveaways, too!), Collage Friday will NOT occur here for the next two weeks.  Please feel free to keep posting your collages on your own sites - and I promise I will be back on Friday, May 4 with Collage Friday!  I do hope that you visit my series on teaching music in your homeschool and feel free to ask any questions you may have so I can answer them!   

On to the collages: 

Our weather was picture perfect this week ~ with a nice little cool-off in the middle of the week, too.  We spent every moment possible outside.  As you can see, there was lots of baseball and playing with the dog.  

 My children had a chance to be CHILDREN.  Believe me, during this season of standardized testing in the public schools, I know what a gift this is.  

We continued our study of Robin Hood.   One day we learned about Medieval Illuminations and the kids painted their own scenes of Sherwood Forest.   I had checked out some library books about Medieval art and we went through those, too.

Our back deck is a perfect, covered place to do work, so Miss B spread one of her favorite blankets on the deck and curled up for spelling, math and writing most days.   Math has been uneventful the past couple of weeks... this is GOOD!   Horizons Math is working well for both children (with some living math and Math U See thrown in).  

Our spelling curriculum works very well for both children, too.   Spelling Workout wins Favorite Resource This Week because the lessons are short, meaningful, and incorporate editing, analogies, alphabetical order, and writing.  GMan is working in Spelling Workout B and Miss B is in Spelling Workout E.  

Miss B helped me teach GMan a little more about the orchestra with a fun instrument matching game.   We are working on a lapbook/notebook from Homeschool Share, which I will share in depth with you during the 10 Days of Teaching Music!

I also posted earlier this week about the path I will take next year with my daughter.  Did you read our plan?  

Thursday was mostly a pajama day (a treat for my kids since I usually make them get dressed and make beds first thing!).  GMan wanted to be sure I got a picture of him in his red pjs. PJ day occurred because I woke up with a migraine.  Thankfully, the kids each had books and games they were involved in, and we did do a math and writing lesson.   I felt better late afternoon and we flew kites at the park before GMan's baseball practice.   I'd like to think we salvaged the day!  

Included below is a close-up of G's picture of Sherwood Forest.  He doesn't seem to enjoy art as much as my daughter does, but he did seem to like painting, so we'll have to do this more often.

Now, I bet you wonder why my son's nose is attached to his sister's underarm, aren't you?   My friend Cheryl called me in the middle of the week and was telling me all about nose jobs and the Middle Ages.   It's interesting, that's for sure.  I love it that I have a friend that knows me well enough to know I'd be interested in Medieval Rhinoplasty, too.   (I need a huge NERD sign on my forehead, I know.)  

In our study of Robin Hood one of the mini books was identifying bones of the skeleton.  This book related to Robin Hood and Friar Tuck carrying each other over a bridge and what bones might have been involved.    

A favorite this week was watching Turtle: The Incredible Journey on Netflix.  (Thanks, Karen for recommending this!)  We then read One Tiny Turtle, which tied in perfectly with the movie.  This was all so perfect because just a few weeks ago we were at a beach in South Florida that has protected areas for Loggerhead nesting.  The kids wondered about that I said we would have to investigate when we got home.  Then, I read about the movie on Karen's blog and the rest is history!     

The kids did A LOT of reading this week.   I'll just go ahead and list the books so you can see what interests them... it might interest your children, too.

Miss B:
(she made her own mini-unit on The Titanic this week... this is what I love about homeschooling!)

Gordon Korman's series:  Titanic 
Dear America:  Voyage on the Great Titanic

G Man:

Flat Stanley:  The African Safari Discovery
Flat Stanley:  The Flying Chinese Wonders


The Adventures of Robin Hood
Childhood of Famous Americans:  Walt Disney: Young Movie Maker
Magic Treehouse:  Tonight on the Titanic
Chopin:  The Story of The Boy Who Made Beautiful Melodies

That was our week in a nutshell.  I just love these Friday collage posts because it documents just how much we do all week and just how wonderful homeschooling is.   

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