A Pinterest Find for Father's Day


 I do love Pinterest, but I must admit that I mostly use it as a TOOL to catalog my various finds around the internet.  Rarely do I actually MAKE something I pin.    

This week, however, we are making two things I pinned over the weekend.   I am sharing one with you today.  The other I can't share with you until AFTER Father's Day (because my dear husband is a faithful reader of this blog).  Sorry daddy, you're not going to find out our surprise here! 


My children are VERY blessed with two grandpas who love them and enjoy spending time with them.   Granddaddy (my father-in-law)  lives just a few miles from us and the children see him quite often.   Grandpa Jim (my dad), however, lives about a 12 hour drive from us, but still manages to keep in touch with the kids and we always have fun visits at his house. 

The gift my children made their grandpas was quite simple.  We went to Home Depot and picked out paint samples (all the same size) and then each of my children wrote down four things they loved about each grandpa.   They put one thing they loved on each paint sample.    

This wonderful idea came from Pinterest .... and ultimately from a cool blog I found - eighteen 25.  I wanted to share it with you in case you needed a quick, simple, and meaningful Father's Day craft for dad or grandpa.

I just love how ours turned out: 



Have you been making surprises for Father's Day?

Did your inspiration come from Pinterest?