I Don't Fit the Stereotype - Collage Friday



 Why is it so shocking to me that my children are growing, and growing quickly??   This past week we got rid of their beloved playhouse.  This playhouse has seem a gazillion hours of play in the past eight years.    As I went to take a picture of it and put it up for sale, I had GMan stand by the house.    

That's when it hit me:  My time with these children is running out!  Yes, I know I have more time with them, but the baby days are over.    I'm sad.   I know the next stage is new, different, and wonderful, too - but I'm still sad.

I found myself wanting to spend a lot of one on one time with my children this week.   Miss B and I went to get "coffee" at the bookstore (just the two of us) and then did a little shopping at Claire's.  GMan and I had an evening to ourselves and ate grilled peanut butter and jellies and cinnamon apples.  We also read a wonderful series of books together.

The week was full of reading, Lego building, swimming lessons, and preparing for my piano students' recital this Sunday.   Truthfully, I don't know where the week went.   I feel like we don't have a lot to show for the week, but some weeks are just like that.    

I look forward to Collage Friday.  It's a chance to look back on the week and always pick out the GOOD - the things we want to remember.  

1.   Lots of Harry Potter reading this week - here's a minifig of Harry hanging over G's chocolate milk.  

2.   I purchased The Well Planned Day for Miss B.  We went through her calendar for the children's chorus she will be in and wrote down rehearsal and performance dates.   Next semester is going to be busy, and I want to teach her how to handle her schedule.     

3.  My dear father-in-law gave me this t-shirt:  "Will Work for Wine and Shoes".   He is a collector of fine wines and I do enjoy my glass of Reisling, too (and my husband is a craft beer enthusiast... he brews in our basement, in fact)  - I have to laugh, though, because on the day I was wearing this shirt I ran into a homeschooling friend in the store.   She spoke quite nicely with me, but the whole time she kept staring at my shirt.   I'm guessing she doesn't drink - which is fine with me.  I respect that very much.  It just made me think about the stereotype of a homeschool mom.  I don't think I fit the bill sometimes.  

4.  Speaking of my father-in-law - every few weeks he takes the kids for the morning to the barber shop to get haircuts.  It is their special time together.    This time they went for haircuts and then they helped with his grocery shopping.   While they were together I went to the library and reserved MANY books for our history reading and other good books I had read about in the Favorite Read-Alouds blog hop this week.  



All things swimming in this collage.   I've mentioned that both children take swimming lessons each summer.   I can always watch GMan's lessons.  Miss B's, however, are always a secret.  She is on a synchronized swimming team and their final performance is always a surprise.  So, no pictures of her swimming just YET.    This week the instructor focused a lot on their dives and flips.   It brings out the spirit of adventure in all of the boys.   I was watching them thinking, "God just MADE them to do this!".   Little boys are so much fun. 


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How was your week?  I'd love for you to join me.   You don't need a formal "collage",  just a collection of pictures that tell us about your homeschool week.  Be sure to grab the button below, sign the linky, and then visit others on the list to offer encouragement and gain ideas. 



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