My Gift To You!


Welcome to my new home on the web... well, the address is still the same; I've just spruced it up a bit on the inside!   

I do believe Homegrown Learners made the transition from Blogger to Squarespace without any major issues.   

There are always a few little things that are being fleshed out and I'm prepared for that, but for the most part I'm enjoying an easy to use platform with lots of customer support if I have questions.  

I'm working to add new sections to the blog, so stay tuned for tabs for each subject area.  If you click on the math tab above you'll get an idea of what I'd like to do... it may just take me some time.   


Thank you for bearing with me.... and if you want to stay in touch, please subscribe today!  

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The sponsors here at Homegrown Learners deserve a special shout out today:

I will be telling you more about Music For Little Learners in the coming weeks.  For now, click on the picture and check out the adorable kit Joleen has developed for helping your young children learn the fundamentals of music!


I hope you're also familiar with Maestro Classics, the makers of the wonderful CDs for children.  



Now for the gift.... my children are already off and reading for the summer.   My youngest (7) has just started How To Eat Fried Worms, and my oldest (10) is reading A Little Princess.  

I wanted a cute way for them to keep track of their summer reading, so I made them a reading log.  I have given my children the goal to read 10 books (they have to be chapter books!) this summer.  It's a lofty goal, but one I think they can achieve.  

My housewarming gift to you today is a printable reading log for your girls and boys.... click the text to download:

   My Summer Reading Log for Girls

 My Summer Reading Log For Boys


Thank you for stopping by... and welcome to my new home! 

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