The Reluctant Homeschooler


This sweet (then third grader) did not want to be homeschooled.     


I did not know this until just a few days ago.  She never told me.  She didn't want to hurt my feelings.  

She was afraid she would miss her friends, her teacher, and just the "familiar" of public school.

When I think that she had to go through this transition from school to home without voicing her true feelings it makes me sad.   But, my friends, God is good and carried her through the transition just beautifully.  God blessed our family for obeying his call.   

Today - three years later -  she is thriving in homeschool (as is her younger brother) and tells me she hopes she never has to return to a traditional school environment.      


The top ten list this week is extra special...  written by my favorite little girl in the world (with a little input from my favorite little boy in the world, too!).  


1.  You don't have to ride the bus where kids are always crying or throwing up (which really stank... literally!)

2.  I can learn about what interests me (I took an entire class about horses!).

3.  Homeschool is usually done around 1 p.m.; public school kids have to stay there longer and waste more time.

4.  I can read books at any level, not just books with my "reading level" sticker on them... which probably wasn't even my reading level anyways. 

5.  You can have more than one teacher.  Mom, dad, Pastor Larry, Mrs. Fletcher (my Sunday School teacher) and my co op teachers all teach me different things. Lots of adults care about your education in homeschool.

6.  Co-Op!

7.  My dog can sit on my lap while I do my work.


8.  No one can pick their nose and wipe it on your desk (yes, this really happened)

9.  Your mom reads out loud to you during lunch.

10.  You can swim laps and it's PE!  


As a parent, numbers 2 and 5 speak VOLUMES to me.   The depth of curiosity and relationship are immense benefits of homeschooling.

What are your children's favorite things about homeschool?